You Know Your WMS Implementation is Going Bad When:

Over the years I have been involved with so many WMS installations I actually stopped counting. Whether I was there in the beginning or called in when all hell was breaking loose, one thing I have noticed is that with every implementation there are signs. Sometimes humorous (after the fact) and sometimes not, signs that tell you whether the implementation is going as expected. Such As:

  • Your inventory is 99% accurate! “In your salesmen trunk!”

  • One of the consultants you hired to help begins crying in front of one of your terminals!

  • Your #1 customer, who is tired of waiting in will call, begins picking their own orders. And you realize they are faster at it than your pickers. [Read More Signs]

19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory!

There are some interesting things about inventory, that I am sure everyone knows. Such as: (1) Distribution inventory values range between 6% and 20% of the company’s annual revenue. (2) An inaccurate inventory causes several problems: Lost Sales / Decrease in Profitability / Lost Productivity searching for product. (3) Companies use inventory as a security blanket to cover deficiencies in their warehouse. Learn what you can do to control your inventory. [Read Full Text]

Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or a Floating Bakery?

Many software companies will tell you about all of the bells and whistles in their WMS system. Many will give you unrealistic ROI expectations. You have to be able to determine what is reality and what is "Pie in the Sky!" Remember whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a Hyundai they both use the same $2.00 gas to get from one place to another. What fuel you use to operate your warehouse is up to you. This White Paper will help you achieve a successful outcome.  [Read Full Text]

Selecting and Keeping Warehouse Personnel

Your customers see you by your Product guide/newsletter, your receptionist, inside sales, outside sales, and visiting your facility, which they do the least. But the most important way they see you, is by the package that is prepared and shipped to them by your warehouse personnel. This means, that your warehouse is vitally important to your company’s success. [Read Full Text]

This Place Sucks! (What your warehouse employees think about your company and how to change their perception.)
$9.95 + Shipping and Handling

Time Keepers or Clock Makers
Right now, you probably have someone hiring and firing warehouse personnel who has never attended a course on interviewing techniques or labor laws. You have someone controlling millions of dollars of inventory that could not tell you the last time they attended a course or read a book about inventory control. And we wonder why our inventory is so inaccurate. [Read Full Text]

ROI in Your Warehouse (Real or Imagined)
How can someone legitimately evaluate new software, improvements to a process, or "RIGHT-SIZE" without some knowledge of what is reality? [Read Full Text]

Sit Customer Sit! "How Did Customers Get So Trained?"
Your customers perception of your company is formed from the packages that arrive at their receiving dock! What do you think they perceive? [Read Full Text]

When You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys
With the job market being as weak as it is, good employees are even harder to find, "Even when they are sometimes right under our noses."   [Read Full Text]